We understand the power of shared experiences.

Our Shared Shopping Plugin seamlessly integrates into your platform, boosting user engagement and significantly increasing your basket size.
Elevate your platform's shopping experience today!

What can you expect?
increase in Basket Size
Driving a significant boost in Average Basket Size (ABS) as users collaborate to explore more, inspire each other and make larger collective purchases.
lower CAC
Driving down Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) as customers help you acquire new relevant visitors via invites to shared shopping experiences.
increased Conversion Rates
Shared shopping leads to higher conversion rates as users make joint purchase decisions, leading to higher levels of satisfaction.
Ready to elevate your platform's shopping experience?
Seamless Integration
Appstract Shared Shopping plugin easily adapts to any platform, no coding required.

If your platform isn't among the ones mentioned, feel free to reach out!
Our team is eager to assist in making our Shared Shopping experience available for your platform at no cost!

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Intro to Shared Shopping
Explore the Future of Shopping with Appstract
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